Free Trading Tools

We have provided you with various advanced tools to make your day-to-day trading experience a good one

Real-Time Trading Chart

You can easily analyze markets with our free and powerful real-time chart from Tradingview. It has a lot of features like Trading Indicators, Drawing Tools, Various Timeframes, etc. to make your trading very easy


Forex Economic Calendar

With our Economic Calendar tool, you can easily spot upcoming economic events, announcements, and news. Plus, set up filters in a few clicks, selecting for event importance and affected currencies.


Forex Dictionary

As a newbie in the Forex Industry, you might get overwhelmed with a lot of Forex Terminologies Outside there.  Do not despair, Unique FX Academy got you covered.

Our Forex Dictionary comprises various Forex Jargons with their comprehensive meaning to assist you in your trading journey,  the dictionary is made for both newbies and existing Forex Traders.


Trade Journal

Just as a business owner keep track of their sales, a trader should also keep up with his/her trade records.

Keeping a trade record will not only benefit you but will also make you a disciplined trader, and also allow you to learn more about yourself and the overall trading psychology.


Crypto-Market Data

Crypto and DeFi market cap charts. See the total crypto market cap and DeFi coins market cap. You’ll also find here the market cap of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, and other crypto assets in USD, as well as Bitcoin’s percentage dominance over other cryptocurrencies.


Forex Screener

This tool allows you to filter the market based on various metrics, time-frames, and technical indicators. It is also possible to set alerts, save templates and do a lot more.


Forex Sentimentals

This tool shows you the overall attitude of investors toward a particular forex asset. It shows the feeling or tone of a market, or its crowd psychology, as revealed through the activity and price movement of the asset traded in that market.


Crypto Screener

Best Crypto Screening tool that allows you to filter cryptocurrencies based on various metrics, time-frames and technical indicators. It is also possible to set alerts, save templates and do a lot more.


Educative Books

We have provided you with collections of FREE Trading E-books across various Forex, Crypto and NFT topics to keep you informed and enhance your  day-to-day trading experience.