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Forex Millionaire Expo 2023 (Throw Back)

This is just a throw back from the FME2023 event organizes by Jefferey Benson of Firepips FX.

The event was a lit one, we had a lot of Forex Millionaires on ...
ground that very day, the likes of #Habby FX, #Lesiba Mothupe, #Ref Wayne, #God's Love, #Dapo Williams and #Kira Forex.

Trust me, it worths going, learnt a lot of things from these wonderful people mentioned above.

This year, I'm gonna be among these top-rated forex traders, and you can as well, it's a mindset, and i'm already working towards that.

Don't forget to subscribe to this channel guys, I will be sharing my Journey so far in the Forex industry with you guys in my next video. Stay tuned.

Sha ya! Sha ya!! Sha ya!!!
(Poverty must die) - #Ref_wayne
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